The company "TECHNOPRODUCT automotive" supplies a full range of consumables, tools, hardware, electrical and auto chemistry of leading brands for all areas of automotive industry, washing centers and cleaning companies.

 The story of "TECHNOPRODUCT automotive" begins in January 2001 as a part of LLC "TECHNOSERVICE Group" when the Department of Chemistry and consumables (RMiH) was formed. By the end of 2003 a well-developed department became strong and in spring of 2004 it was decided to allocate an independent legal unit – LLC "TECHNOPRODUCT automotive". Since that moment the Company Day is celebrated in the first half of June.  

During the operation of the Company more than 30 leading suppliers became our partners, including well-known European and Russian manufacturers, as well as our exclusive strategic partner BERNER, which provides a full range of products for automotive and industrial production.

At the moment the range of " TECHNOPRODUCT automotive " is more than 5000 products for plumbing and car body manufacturing, housekeeping services; more than 2500customers in the automotive and industrial industries, more than 100 employees, 16 offices in major cities of Russia and over 30 distributors on the territory from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok.

 Nowadays we formed our own logistics center with delivery service and organized the regional warehouses and offices. Over the years we have become recognized professionals at the market and we help our customers to be the best in the automotive business. 

History of the company:

•          2001 - within LLC “TECHNOSERVICE Group” a separate line of consumables is allocated

•          2004 – LLC “TECHNOPRODUCT automotive” becomes an independent company

•          2005 – LLC “TECHNOPRODUCT automotive”. Becomes a strategic partner of BERNER company in Russia

•          2006 - branches in Rostov-on-Don and St’ Petersburg

•          2007 -  branches in Chelyabinsk, Samara and Perm’

•          2009 - branches in Stavropol, Tolyatti and Krasnodar

•          2010 - branches in Ekaterinburg, Volgograd and Petrozavodsk. Active work on the regional development (Ural, Southern Federal District, Northwestern Federal District)

•          2011 - branches in Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan’ and Veliky Novgorod

•          2012 - branches in Saratov, Novosibirsk. 


Our features:

We are not just the supplier of consumable but a partner whose aim is to facilitate the work of professionals in the workplace. We arrange long-term business relations with our partners; provide them a comprehensive support including technical support. We supply only certified products with professional quality level, which we test and select ourselves. We constantly increase professionalism, arrange training courses and probation in Russia and abroad. Such way of work let us be the partner of 98% of authorized dealers in the regions we work.

Wide product line, which allows to cover all industrial areas of automotive centers, car washes, tire positions, housekeeping services. We are always aware of all the new developments and try to provide current new products to the Russian market.

High quality. We are providing our customers with high quality products at the best price, in accordance with their requirements.

Ability to reserve goods personally for the client. The constant presence of up to 90% of range in stock. Huge warehouse space allows us to keep in stock remains of all groups of products for many months, which ensures the stability of supplies to our customers.

Free delivery within 24 hours with our own transport service. Logistics service with our own fleet of vehicles delivers the goods to any our client within 1 day from the date of order in all the cities where we work.

Professional advice and technical support. Our highly experienced specialists will advise in detail and will help with the selection of products that are required by our customers. Also there is a possibility of showing our clients how to work with the products.

Personal approach to every client. We provide each client with its personal sales manager, with whom all the questions can be quickly solved. Manager makes regular visits to our clients, advising and providing technical support.

Benefit for the client to work with our company:

Optimum product range for all segments of the market. We are ready to help in choosing the product line for the partners of any level – either big dealer centers or small private workshops.

No risks while working with partners who fulfill their obligations. We are flexible and efficient; we promote the development of reliable and long-term business relationship with partners.

Cost reduction while using the high-quality products. Products of high quality for professional usage let our clients reduce the consumption of materials due to higher technical characteristics and resources.

Economy of working hours while arranging the order. Professional advice of our managers will help the client to choose necessary products for every kind of work.

Free delivery within 24 hours helps the clients to optimize their costs.

Individual discount system.

The values ​​of our company:

The success of our company is the success of a large team of professionals. We are different, we all have our own hobbies and interests. But there is something that unites us. We all make one common cause, and, as the time has shown, we do well. In our work we rely on the value of our company. There are human qualities that our employees appreciate in each other, which help us every day to achieve the desired results and make the move forward:

Responsibility. We value our reputation and fulfill our obligations.

Customer focus. We are not only doing our best to fully satisfy the customer needs, but also recognize and correct our mistakes.

Teamwork. We are unified team with common interests where each person shares the goals and objects of the company and realizes his personal responsibility for the result.

Creativity. We can go beyond the usual vision of the world, we stand for creative thinking. Sometimes creative solutions not only derive from any crisis, but they give a powerful impulse for development.

Determination. We set for ourselves high goals and achieve them. We stand for professional development and constant growth, for the improvement of ways and methods of work, for self-improvement and creative research.


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